Digital Strategy: Mobile, Web, Social, Content, Design & Curation

Digital Strategy: Mobile, Web, Social, Content, Design & Curation

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Expert Help for the Digital Landscape.

My name is Tomás Custer. I am expert with 15 years of experience in the digital world. I call myself a Digital Strategist. My work has been utilized millions of times by millions of people.

I am also a Creative Entrepreneur who practices the art of curation to run news websites covering emerging niche markets. HispanicTips represents the demographic tsunami that is sweeping our nation and CannabisReader covers the fast growing and wild multi-billion dollar Marijuana world.

I have created and maintained web and social media properties in the worlds of radio, news, higher education, small business and information portals. From big sites with over 100,000 pages to blogs to small web/mobile apps to Facebook campaigns to Twitter streams, I have done it. I know how to synergistically create a strong following that can include and/or target professors, journalists, media personalities, politicians, executives, professionals, teachers as well as activists, bloggers, parents, students and more. In other words, I really am an expert and have the track record to prove it.

I am passionate about creating, enhancing and enabling missions and ideas. I always think in terms of the visitor and their needs. I advocate simplicity, speed (very fast loading sites), mobile-optimization and smart engagement to build trust.


I usually work by retainer. Your time is valuable and so is mine. I offer two kinds of prepaid bundles to retain my services that make my rate $60/hour.

The first choice is a bundle of 10 hours for $600 and is perfect if you will have a lot of work for me. It is broken into 10 minute segments at a rate of $10 ($10/10 minutes). If you have small weekly updates that take less than 15 minutes this package would last 40 weeks.

The second bundle is geared to helping with quick fixes and updates that only happen once and a while and only costs $30. It consists of six (6) five (5) minute segments for $30 ($30/30min).

These bundles work like this. With the second bundle if something takes 5 minutes or less it will cost you one of your segments. If it takes 6 to 10 minutes it will cost you two of your segments and so on. The same principle applies to the other bundle. If something takes 1 to 10 minutes it will cost you a segment. If it takes 11 to 20 minutes it will cost 2 segments and so on.

Email or Call 310-439-9150 Call or Email

Payment Methods: Cash or Credit.

Trade: I also am open to trade as long as it is advantageous to both parties and is something I will utilize.

It All About The Vistor, Your Customer

You only have a few seconds to make an impression. Everyone knows this. It is true in the digital world as well.

People don’t come to your site to see how pretty it is (especially on mobile) or for its technology. People come to your site to find an answer to a question or to perform a certain task. Make it easy for them.

I know this may go against what you feel is right. Appearance definitely matters and I am not suggesting you have an ugly site. However, you aren't the reason for your site, your customers and clients are. Your customer comes first, don't they? An attractive professional site that is fast and easy to use on all the devices is what everyone should have.

If your site loads slowly, if it is hard to use on a smartphone and/or if your contact information isn't easy to find and use, you have a problem. If you create a social media account and forget to update it for a month, this inconsistency creates a problem. It is all about cultivating trust with your customer.

The Expert Help You Need

Before you do nothing or spend lots of money, please consider contacting me for some expert advice. This is a unique opportunity to work with a professional who cares and truly wants to help you.

This website is a perfect example of the kind of solution I can provide for you. This site could have big beautiful pictures of smiling people, a dramatic design and dizzyingly cool features but I want nothing to stand between you and me and what I offer.

  • It is the product of 15 years of my expert experience and knowledge serving millions of webpages to millions of people
  • It is simple with only one page making it super easy to maintain.
  • It loads fast. This page loads in an average of less than 3 seconds over a 3G mobile connection and way less than that over cable or DSL.
  • It is mobile-optimized. (Try resizing the browser or look at it on a mobile device. You already resized your browser window or are currently looking at it on a mobile deviceTry resizing the browser or look at it on a mobile device.)
  • It has a professional look and presence, nothing fancy or overly designed.
  • It is useful, clean and designed with the visitor in mind.
  • The most important information is easily accessible and easy-to-use at the top of the page on any device.
  • It supports my business goals.


I am a big-picture thinker who relishes diving in, getting my hands dirty and getting things done. Local means something real to me. I want local businesses and organizations to thrive so the community can continue to thrive.

I strive to find the right balance between “good” digital practices for the user/customer like useful content, user-centric design, customer experience, mobile first (responsive/RESS design), page speed and business needs like marketing, SEO, engagement, advertising, traffic, brand awareness, content marketing, ROI and aesthetics.

For more information about me see my page at HispanicTips, my personal site or my LinkedIn profile. Additionally, my one-page web app HispanicCount will give you an idea of what I can do in terms of mobile.

Email or Call 310-439-9150 Call or Email